Here we have gathered all the dissemination activities for RealHOPE.

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The sensitive structure of proteins makes the handling of protein drugs complex. Our research can
change this. Read more about our research in our folder.

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Scientific Publications

How are we handling protein drugs in hospitals? A human factors and systems engineering approach to compare two hospitals and suggest a best practice

Clàudia Sabaté-Martínez, Mattias Paulsson , Silvia González-Suárez, Ulla Elofsson, Anna Millqvist Fureby,  Marie Wahlgren, Carmen López-Cabezas May 2024

Impact of post manufacturing handling of protein-based biologic drugs on product quality and user centricity

Elia Cappelletto , Stanley C. Kwok , Lea Sorret , Nathalie Fuentes ,Annette Medina , Stephen Burleigh , Jonas Fast , Isla S. Mackenzie , Anna Millqvist Fureby ,
Mattias Paulsson , Marie Wahlgren , Ulla Elofsson , Angela Flynn , Giorgia Miolo , Lina Nystrom , Patrizia Polverino De Laureto , Giorgia De Paoli,
May 2024

Towards a a better understanding of light-glucose induced modifications on
the structure and biological activity of formulated Nivolumab 

Elisabetta De Diana, Elena Rizzotto, Ilenia Inciardi, Luca Menilli, Marina Coppola, Patrizia Polverino de Laureto, Giorgia Miolo, April 2024


Examination of the Protein Drug Supply Chain in a Swedish University Hospital: Focus on Handling Risks and Mitigation Measures

Claudia Sabaté Martínez, Leanne Amery, Giorgia De Paoli, Ulla Elofsson, Anna Millqvist Fureby, Stanley Kwok, Carmen López-Cabezas, Marika Rosenberger, Christian Schoenau, Marie Wahlgren, Mattias Paulsson, May 2023

Managing antibody stability: Effects of stressors on Ipilimumab from the commercial formulation to diluted solutions

Benedetta Fongaro, Valentina Cian, Francesca Gabaldo, Giorgia De Paoli, Giorgia Miolo, Patrizia Polverino de Laureto (University of Padova and University od Dundee), 17 May 2022


Conference Contributions

Photostability of anticancer monoclonal antibodies

Giorgia Miolo, et al.

20th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology, Lyon, France 30th of August 2023

Photostability of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody, Nivolumab-Opdivo, in its formulation and saline or glucose solutions for parenteral administration

Elisabetta De Diana, et al.

Lecce, Italy, June 28-29 2023

How are we handling drug proteins? A Gemba walk in two European hospitals

Carmen López-Cabezas, Silvia González-Suárez, Mattias Paulsson, Clàudia Sabater-Martínez, Thais Lizondo, Giorgia di Paoli, Ulla Elofsson


EAHP congress, Lisabon Abstract | European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (

Qualitative research on real handling of protein drug products in RealHOPE

Giorgia de Paoli, et al. 

DIA (Drug Information Association) meeting in Brussels, Belgium March 29-31

Survey of in-use handling aspects of protein drugs

Giorgia de Paoli, et al. 

Bioprocessing Summit Europe, Spain, Barcelona, March 15-16 2023

Study of In-Hospital Protein Drug Supply Chain

Clàudia Sabaté Martíneza, Marika Rosenbergerb, Mattias Paulssonc* 

International Pharmaceutical Federation FIP World Congress

RealHOPE – Real World Handling of Protein Drugs: Exploration, Evaluation and Education

U. Elofsson, G. De Paoli, I. Mackenzie, S. D. Manceva, A. Millqvist Fureby, S Patke, M. Paulsson, M. Rosenberger, T. Khan, M. Wahlgren, C. Schönau

8-11 August 2022, Colorado Protein Stability Conference

Qualitative research on real handling of protein drug products in RealHOPE 

Giorgia de Paoli, et al.

19-23 June 2022, DIA (Drug Information Association) meeting, Chicago, USA