RealHOPE will be participating at the next DIA (Drug Information Association) meeting in Brussels, Belgium March 29-31. During the meeting RealHOPE will present preliminary results of qualitative interviews that are currently being performed in the work packages SHAPE and TEACH.

The RealHOPE project consists of five different work packages that together will build new knowledge and find new methods to ensure product quality through the whole value chain, from the developer to the patient.

The work package SHAPE will gain an improved understanding of real-life handling of protein drugs. SHAPE main task is to shape the initial part of the RealHOPE project by generating, collecting, and qualitative and quantitative data in real-world scenarios. The project team will analyse information from other sources as well as conduct two transportation studies with another project and external stakeholders.

The work package TEACH will develop educational and training materials for healthcare providers and patient organizations/stakeholders to improve the safety and handling of protein drug products.