Expanding patient materials and education on biologics is essential to enable people with chronic diseases to manage their medicines in the most effective way. Elsa Science, which has developed the Elsa app, will use its digital platform to reach out with educational material produced within the RealHOPE consortium to people who are taking, or will take, these medicines.

– Biological medications need careful handling to function as intended. These medicines have revolutionized the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases and helped many patients to avoid disabilities and improve their quality of life. However, there is a need for expanded patient materials and education about these medications to improve their effectiveness, says Barbara Bislawska Axnäs Head of Strategic Partnerships at Elsa Science.

Elsa Science is a company focused on the technological development of healthcare. Elsa offers a platform that transforms patient data into powerful insights, promotes self-care and creates new opportunities for healthcare organizations.

The Elsa app, developed by Elsa Science, has been jointly created by people living with chronic diseases, healthcare professionals, researchers, and life science companies. Initially, the Elsa app focuses on rheumatic diseases and is used by thousands of people.

–A qualitative study with interviews with patients, healthcare professional pharmacists within the RealHope consortia identified new needs in education of patients concerning handling of biological medicines. Patients expressed a need for more accessible and applicable information in daily life situations; from basics about what biological medications are, how you handle them in your everyday life, as well as addressing the psychological aspects of taking injections. It is crucial for a patient to be educated in a user-friendly, digestible, and readable way. This facilitates and empowers the patient to find a sustainable approach to their treatment and continued medication adherence, says Hanna Blyckert, Health Educator at Elsa Science.

Going forward, Elsa Science will use its platform to reach out with educational materials produced within the RealHOPE consortium to people who are, or will be, taking biological medicines.

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