Welcome to a webinar on real world handling of protein drugs, on June 9th at 2 PM, organized by Pharma Office at RISE. Innovative protein drugs have the capacity to cure previously uncurable diseases and save lives. But they are sensitive due to their complex structure and require careful handling to preserve the activity. 

Associate Professor Ulla Elofsson, researcher at RISE and scientific coordinator for the IMI2 project RealHOPE, begins by presenting a literature study that answers the questions: What are the steps and stress factors in the handling between their release from manufacturer to administration and use? And who are the people involved? She briefly talks about the RealHOPE project which aims to ensure patient safety by building knowledge on how to manage protein drugs better throughout their life cycle.

Associate Professor Mattias Paulsson, Deputy chief pharmacist at Uppsala University Hospital, presents a recently published mapping of the supply chain of protein drugs in hospitals with a focus on various risk factors in handling.

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